Stay Ahead Of The Pack By Investing in Face to Face Relations

Posted on August 23, 2011

With technology ever evolving, breaking down barriers of distance and culture, it is now possible to effectively communicate with individuals across the globe on a daily basis irrespective of location.

This brings a great deal of benefit to the business community but the advantage and return gained from strengthening relationships in person rather than remotely should not be underestimated.

With global trade shows and conferences now being held for an increasing number of industries, more and more companies are deciding to invest time and money in attending and are in turn reaping the rewards.

Les Hill, managing director of LFH Engineering, strongly believes in investing in face to face customer relations. Reflecting this belief, the company has put an ambitious year two customer and marketing travel plan in place, which will see representatives from the company visit existing and potential clients in 14 countries. He added, “For a company of our size and age this is undoubtedly a big step, but one which we feel is of utmost importance to LFH Engineering, our global network of contacts and our vision to increase our international customer base. It is a huge commitment for us but I believe it is the ideal time to grow our profile in the industry through face to face communications.

“In today’s ‘global village’ it is assumed that all information and practices are shared internationally. However, we have found, particularly in the specialist pump manufacturing market within which we operate, this is not always the case.

“Our recent trip to Oil and Gas Asia, in Kuala Lumpur, has opened new avenues for us and already provided access to markets which were unaware of the specialisms and products out there. This, for us, has certainly underlined the importance of attending such events and meeting people in the old fashioned face to face way for the growth, development and future success of the company.”

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